Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT Vary my sentence beginnings, structure and lengthTHE ARCTIC CIRCLE
I am a Eskimo I go outside of my cosy house.
I go to twist  this metal rod on  the āporo tree. I’m 99 years old and my birthday is tomorrow  and I will be 100. I see a yellow box I touch it and it fires me into the āporo tree, heaps of āporo come on the tree.

I get greedy the box starts moving to my stupid neighbours house. I start to get into a deep run my neighbours comes out and say “HI TOM” then I say “GET AWAY BOB OR I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE NOGGIN.” I trap the box “HA” I say I jump onto it my hand turns orange I go to walk home.
Pop my foot turns into a box I move my other foot it goes into the box I fall over. I start crawling to Tom's house “TOM HELP ME TOM’’ Tom was laughing pop I was the box now   

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