Thursday, October 20, 2016

 I like having the choice to do what I like again   


  1. Kia Ora James it's Ayesha here.
    It's awesome that you get to do another passion Project. Maybe next time you could put a bit more information in your slideshow. How long did it take to make the slideshow and why did you choose to do your passion project on music?
    From Ayesha

  2. Kia Ora James
    Its Richard from Mamaku hub. I really like music, it sounds Miharo (amazing). What is your Favorite type of music rock or country and who is your favorite singer.
    Na Richard

  3. Kia Ora, James Alex here from Grey Main School. I like how you have told us what your passion project is. Miharo (Amazing). Next time you could write about what kinds of music there are. Heoi ano taku mo naianei (That's all for now for now)
    From Alex Co

  4. Kia Ora James. I like how you told us 2 singers/bands you know. Next time you could put a link to one of those songs in. This reminds me of singing radioactive. Do you play an instrument?

  5. Ki Ora James its Franklin from Mamaku.
    I like your passion project choice. Your slide is very good an detailed. I play the violin and and I have played in a orchestra before. Maybe you could check your spelling and make sure everything makes sense.

  6. Kia Ora James My name is Jazmine from Mamaku 2 at Greymain School.
    WOW I love the songs that are on your slide But maybe nexted time you should link the writing on your slide

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