Thursday, March 16, 2017

something fishy


One day I was at the washing mat reading a book.I yawned I saw something in the washing machine.

I go for another look it was a sock fish I rubbed my eyes Just to see if I was seeing things, then I opened the washing machine surprising. The water didn’t fall out I hold my breath I see all the lose change seaweed.

I jump in  I saw all the sock fish t-shirt squids. I see the glowing fish I swim after it then the fish swims away.

then there was the jean shark I scream but no one can save me. I swim behind a bit of coin seaweed I see the exit. I was swimming so hard it felt like my legs were going to come off. the Shark was going to bite me I close my eyes in my head. I say “this is it i'm doomed” I opened my eyes.

I was on the floor of the washing mat. I had a frown I was going to touch the jeans. A voice said “I think those a mine” I look up I saw a shark man. I go to grab his jeans they try to bite me.            

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