Friday, August 12, 2016

WALT use videos to make our writing better.

We know we can when we have done these things

I was at the football game it was Portugal vs England Ronaldo had the ball he shoots he scores.He ran and hit the ball boys head.The next day I woke up in Ronaldo’s body and he woke up in my body ..I go to the ball boys mum and dad I was like what is going on here . I’m Cristiano Ronaldo his sister rolled his eyes . The boy was bad at football and it looked like Ronaldo was bad at football. His coach was laughing at him .So he trained and the boy became good at football it was the finals . England vs Portugal ,Ronaldo had the ball he got a goal. “Score “ everyone yelled. Ronaldo and the boy went for the ball.They bang heads and went back to their own bodys.


  1. Hi James. I like how you switched body's in this story about Ronaldo and you. Next time you could switch body's with something like a dog or an animal. Who is Ronaldo's sister and why did she roll her eyes? This reminded me of when I was playing soccer and me and Kristan clashed are heads together.

  2. Kia Ora James, I Think your piece of writing is really good, I like how you've made it interesting. It was cool how you switched bodies in the story. Maybe next time you could add maybe more detail in your story but over all your story was very good. Why did you write your story about this? From Ayesha

  3. Kia ora James WOW! your work is very good how did you think about make this writing and you could tell us more about switching people well good gob bye


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