Friday, April 7, 2017

The cloud

WALT Write a narrative.

I’m just a normal cloud I depart from my cloud family. I came from the sea I was made by a mad scientist. I’m meant to help people in need.I’m not just a normal cloud I'm a cloud that spies, on people who mug people and bullied people. I go through the traffic lights it makes it look like it is my heart but it's not. I go in between two buildings but the more I saw the more I did.I get electrocuted a dog barks at me so I move out and ,the more I did the more I became. I saw a fire the firefighters were trying so hard but they never succeed so I help the fire was gone in a second.I was a cloud made of more the end.         

Friday, March 24, 2017

WALT we are learning to add three or more numbers by making up pairs that add up to ten video

Recycled worm farm

  WALT: Find specific evidence in the text      

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT Vary my sentence beginnings, structure and lengthTHE ARCTIC CIRCLE
I am a Eskimo I go outside of my cosy house.
I go to twist  this metal rod on  the āporo tree. I’m 99 years old and my birthday is tomorrow  and I will be 100. I see a yellow box I touch it and it fires me into the āporo tree, heaps of āporo come on the tree.

I get greedy the box starts moving to my stupid neighbours house. I start to get into a deep run my neighbours comes out and say “HI TOM” then I say “GET AWAY BOB OR I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE NOGGIN.” I trap the box “HA” I say I jump onto it my hand turns orange I go to walk home.
Pop my foot turns into a box I move my other foot it goes into the box I fall over. I start crawling to Tom's house “TOM HELP ME TOM’’ Tom was laughing pop I was the box now   

Thursday, March 16, 2017

something fishy


One day I was at the washing mat reading a book.I yawned I saw something in the washing machine.

I go for another look it was a sock fish I rubbed my eyes Just to see if I was seeing things, then I opened the washing machine surprising. The water didn’t fall out I hold my breath I see all the lose change seaweed.

I jump in  I saw all the sock fish t-shirt squids. I see the glowing fish I swim after it then the fish swims away.

then there was the jean shark I scream but no one can save me. I swim behind a bit of coin seaweed I see the exit. I was swimming so hard it felt like my legs were going to come off. the Shark was going to bite me I close my eyes in my head. I say “this is it i'm doomed” I opened my eyes.

I was on the floor of the washing mat. I had a frown I was going to touch the jeans. A voice said “I think those a mine” I look up I saw a shark man. I go to grab his jeans they try to bite me.            

This is my DLO the WALT  is we are leaning to solve addition and subtraction with problems  that are easily related