Thursday, September 1, 2016


WALT demonstrate our school 
values through hakinakina.

We know we have done
this when we have been
respectful,Kind, honest and
enjoyed ourselves.
I was showing kindness to everyone when we played the sport's.Gutter ball was hard and fun.Hockey was really fun we got a draw.we did  a fire drill in the middle of volleyball




  1. Ni Hao James my name is Jazmine I am from Mamaku 2 at Greymain School.
    WOW that looks like a lot of fun playing Netball Basketball Gutterball And tennis And Doge Ball. That is a lot of games to play did you get to play all of them. I watched the video it looks like a lot of fun to play It reminds me when I was playing Netball and basketball and doge ball, tennis. What was your favorite game was it Netball Basketball or gutterball or tennis or doge ball my one would be netball?

  2. Kia Ora James My name is Richard I am from Mamaku hub. On the video it looked like you had a lot of fun playing hockey and gutter ball. This reminds me when I joined hockey it is great fun. Your video is Miharo (amazing) But I would like to know what the rules of gutter ball are?
    From Richard

  3. Kia ora James it's James from Mamaku hub. I like that you are showing your school values through sport well you were showing your school values did you show fair play and good sportsmanship i hope you had fun wall you were playing pai mahi


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