Wednesday, June 15, 2016


 I was dreaming but I woke up from my good dream it was me in.A Jungle it was the best and i'm going home to earth I was in.Space for 65 year’s I wonder what my Jungle is like. I’m so excited to see my family. Space was so dark but the star’s lit it up and next to some. Button’s there was a photo of me it made my day I wish I had a. Banana and banana cake instead of this liquid thing’s so I wouldn't die of hunger and what are those thing’s. Tinkling oh they are just star’s man home I’m so old and wrinkly and.Probably smelly so I will have a shower when I go home.My owner will be happy when I come home so.I can go back to the zoo and feel leaves again it must be soooooo gooooood. On earth I’m in the atmosphere man I wonder what.My family will think in the atmosphere i’m feeling sick.I can’t wait to tell my family about the stars I.Saw and the constellation man I can see the blue and green earth so I got excited I. Almost peed myself I got to earth and it wasn't what I thought what is this.what are those trees they got glass and tables and.Smelly chairs and carpet with stains cups with brown water and these seeds must be what the brown and cold water so I was drinking it darm this isn't what I thought I cry for 2 hours slobbing for 1 hour earth where am I what is this place it is so polluted and so weird and this tree it’s concrete and i’m so sad I thought this place sink’s it’s not the same there was no Jungle no family I wish this was a dream THE END.

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