Wednesday, June 15, 2016


                     I AM A TEKOTEKO Na James
I am the tekoteko on a marae in Kaikoura on a hill. I could see a war coming I wanted to warn the people on the marae but I couldn't talk. 130 years after these kids were on this land I was scared they were going burn the marae but now they sleep in it.

So I look at the sparkling sea and the kids build their massive tree houses. They were on the rope swings. I hear  a good song being played on the piano and the kids roasted marshmallows  on a long sick , it looked yummy. There were also heaps of paua that the kids found.  They played spotlight in the dark it was so good seeing the kids having fun.  When they went to beach I was sad because I was lonely. It made me remember about a time 125 years ago when there was a big bush fire the fames were really big I thought I was going to die but something happened. I was saved the flames didn’t reach me.

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