Friday, May 5, 2017


Somalia WALT Write a narrative.
One day I was doing my thing I do everyday driving a cargo ship . Some smelly pirates go on to my brand new cargo ship with their muddy feet . I tell them get off then they shot a crew member . The leader went up to me and said “ you know who I am i’m ,the new captain so give me the keys GIVE ME THE KEYS” “no” I say in a nice voice . Then he threatened me and he said “ give me your keys or I will shoot one of your crew members .” I give him the keys.

Then they open up a container a robot comes out then millions come out and one goes “BOO” in a loud and creaky voice . All the pirates scatter I was laughing hard out one robot tripped a pirate over. One robot scared someone and made him jump into the water but the, robot throws him a life jacket. Two robots were wrapping some pirates up then Max Gross the red robot taped on the captain.

Everyone was surrendering, smelly odor was coming out of there armpits. The robot gives me the keys. I say to the second in charge “what happened stays here” then I walked away.

I go and make another coffee nothing bad was going to happen. I put the key in something. The radar came on and a meteor hits the middle of the ship, and it sinks and one robot saves me .     

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